Most importantly, Ubuntu is free. It can also use non-free software such as Flash, Windows Fonts, etc. also for free.

Ubuntu is a version of Linux. Similar to Apple’s Unix, Linux is completely virus, popup and malware free.

Ubuntu is said to be the most popular, supported and Windows-Like operating system there is.

Ubuntu is basically Mac but free, and can be installed on any computer even very outdated models and will run quickly. Linux uses resources more efficiently than Windows, which means less CPU speed, and less ram are needed.

There are only two downsides to Ubuntu: one is that many features need tweaking. This blog has attempted to find all things most people need help with when installing fresh Ubuntu.

The second problem is that Ubuntu generally does not support a host of video games. Most things like Office can be run on Ubuntu with a program called Wine, but most games can not. There are plenty of Linux games that work but none are very popular.

Some software is also free that mimmicks others, Gimp is like Photoshop, LibreOffice emulates the Office Suite.
I have been using exclusively Linux as of the last few weeks and have no reason to go back to Windows, Ubuntu is simply too stable and too efficient to give up.

To install 64-bit Ubuntu, click this link: Ubuntu

  • Download the file, copy it to a flash drive. Press (usually) F12 while booting and change the boot to the Flash Drive, and follow the prompts.
  • You will have the choice of deleting your other operating system (probably Windows) or install alongside it. This will not delete Windows you will have an option of which to boot every time the computer starts after doing this.

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